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Our personal story

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Matty van Silk and Beach



Silk & Beach is the brainchild of Matty, who has a strong passion for traveling and adventure. She literally travelled the world looking for the right bikini.


Of course, it didn’t start out as a conscious hunt for ‘the one’; Matty’s career in marketing and business took her overseas. She spent several years working and enjoying life in places Bangkok and New York.


Over the years, Matty admits to visiting a fair few of the world’s most idyllic coastal locations as part of her travels. But no matter which bit of paradise her adventures took her to, from Rio to Zanzibar, her bikini problem always stayed the same: All bikini companies shared the one size fits top and bottom mentality.


That’s why she decided to put all her passion into finding a new answer to this one size fits all of you mentality. Her answer was to do it herself a.k.a. the launch of Silk & Beach.


Matty has grown the company since day one, collaborating with a team of specialists to deliver her dream of a fresh, much more personal and bespoke bikini experience.